If you are looking for a safe for your business or home office that offers significantly more security and fire protection than those available at “big box” retailers, but don’t want to spend to $’thousands normally associated with commercial grade safes, you are in the right place.

Our objective at Safes4less is to make buying a quality safe an easy and hassle free process. This means we had to tick some really important boxes.

Check-No more to pay A no more to pay philosophy – the price is delivered to your home

Check- fireproof Fireproofing was a must on all models

Check-quality Top quality locks - either combination dial or business ready digital

Check- discrete packaging Discrete packaging for added security

Check- best warranty Industry best warranty

But There's More

In addition to these five critical points we have built a website that is easy to use and information rich. You can get right down to the nitty-gritty detail, like who designed the locks we use and even the recipe for the steel we use in plate for the walls and doors. Our objective is to give you the confidence that you are buying a quality product that will last a lifetime.

Fireproof safes

Is 30-minute fireproofing enough?

Safe lock choice

Which lock should I choose?

Free delivery Australia wide

Free garage door delivery?

Our Products


The Wildcat 350 Home-Office Fireproof Combination Safe

Compact and Strong

The Ocelot 350 Home-Office Fireproof Digital Safe

Home & SME Security

The Lynx 400 Home-Office Fireproof Combination Safe

Home Office or Executive Suite Security

The Bobcat 400 Home-Office Fireproof Digital Safe

When Size & Security Matters

The Puma 750 Home-Office Fireproof Digital Safe

When Size Matters