About our Safes

Our team has been developing and selling safes in Australia for more than 20 years. The focus has been on providing a great quality safe for use at home at a reasonable price. These safes are sold in some of our biggest retailers on a cash and carry basis.

But what if you wanted something a bit bigger or a bit stronger with more features, maybe for your home office or your small business? Up until now, you would have to visit a locksmith or a safe specialist. Suddenly the buying process became a lot more complicated and a lot more expensive.
This is the problem we wanted to fix.

Here is what we needed to do:

  • Offer a concise, simple to understand range.
  • Offer a choice of sizes.
  • Ensure and adequate level of fire resistance.
  • Offer electronic and manual locks.
  • Offer free delivery everywhere.
  • Stand behind the product.
Wildcat 350 Home Office Safe

To rise to the challenge you gave us, we would need to overhaul the whole safe buying process. It would be impossible to do this using the current retail model. These safes are too bulky and certainly too heavy to sell through regular stores. Freight is always an issue, so we packaged our safes so they can be efficiently delivered to your garage door any where in Australia.

We have developed this website so that it is simple to use, but information rich. We want you to know how we make our safes, what they are made of, and the type and brands of locks we use. This is so you have confidence in our product, because we certainly do.

The Puma 750 Office Safe

Here is what we did:

  • Develop 3 levels of safe quality to suit all situations.
  • Build the most popular sizes.
  • Develop 30-minute fireproof20-minute fire resistant and Anti-theft models.
  • Offer a basic digital, commercial quality SecuRam electronic or Lexam manual lock depending on the safe you choose.
  • Our price is "no more to pay" it includes delivery.
  • Our warranty is 30 years on the safe and 5 years on the lock.

We believe that we have made buying a quality safe for your home or small business as easy as possible. All you need to do is to decide the size and lock type that suits your needs. Click and checkout. Your new safe will arrive at the entrance to your garage in a few days. It’s that simple.

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