Which is better,
a dial or digital safe?

Safe combination dial                                   Safe digital lock

Deciding on whether you choose a dial or digital lock for your new safe is really determined by how you are going to use it day to day. If your new safe is going to be in an office situation where multiple people will need to get access, then it is probably better to choose a digital safe.

Why choose a digital safe?

  • Quick access - a digital safe is quicker, to open than a dial safe.
  • Easier access - dial safes require a bit more skill to open than a digital safe.
  • Changeable code - you can reconfigure a digital combination without employing a lock smith. This is important if employees leave your company.
  • Lockout - some digital locks also have a lock out penalty for extra security, if you try and enter a wrong combination too many times the safe will lock down for a period.
  • Multiple codes - some digital safes can have multiple codes that can be issued to individual staff members for extra security or audit purposes.
  • Audit - some digital safes will store data about what code was used to access the safe and the date and time. A useful audit tool. On the other hand, if your new safe is going to be in a home or domestic situation then a dial safe may be more than suitable.

Why choose a dial safe?

  • Cost - Generally dial safes are a cheaper option than a digital safe.
  • Power - Dial locks do not require power or batteries to operate so they will never "run down".
  • Electronics failure - As a dial lock is a mechanical device it will never fail due to power surges, electromagnetic interference or electronic component failure.
  • Reliability - Dial locks have been perfected over many, many years so todays dial locks are very secure and rarely fail.

So, the answer to the question is generally dial safes are more suited to a home or domestic situation and digital safes have many features that a business can use.

Useful information

What you need to know about buying a safe.
Choosing either an electronic or more traditional dial lock is one of the first questions you need to address before purchasing your new safe.


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