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SecuRam L02 digital lockThe SecuRam® ProLogic digital safe lock series is an extremely reliable and robust lock system designed specifically for commercial or high-end domestic applications. SecuRam locks are becoming the lock of choice for many small business and home office safes. At Safes4Less we have specified the ProLogic L02 for our fireproof safe range. We use a Domestic Digital lock in our Fire-Resistant and Anti-Theft ranges.  We believe that the SecuRam lock offers the best value of any commercial quality digital safe lock on the market today. The L02 features SecuRam’s rugged stainless steel construction and a back lit LCD Screen for easy viewing, programming and user feedback.
It is a fully featured product that we are proud to use in our range of safes.

Features Overview

Watch this short video made by SecuRam that details some of the many features of the Prologic L02 electronic safe lock.

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Finally, a 21st Century safe lock. SecuRam...As versatile as they are reliable.

Dan Terrigno, Safe & Vault Professional

SecuRam...Setting the Pace in the Security Race...Utillizing today's technology to simplify your security needs.

Jim Kolmer, Safe & Vault Professional

SecuRam is the new standard in safe locks!

George Thornton, Safe & Vault Professional