What are code groups?

Safe-code-groupsThe ProLogic L02 has the ability to establish a management rule related to the Dual Mode function. By enabling this function, the available User codes of the lock are divided into two groups:

Group A would be “Dual Mode Managers” and Group B would be “Dual Mode Users”. The system automatically defaults to “15”- this means that a User Code from ID00 to ID15 (Group A) must be entered with a second code from ID16-ID30 (Group B) in order to open the safe lock.

You can set this number to any number from 1-15. If you set the number to 04 – any user code from ID05-ID30 (Group B) must be entered in conjunction with ID01, ID02, ID03 or ID04 (group A) to open the lock.

The lock will not open if two users of the same Group enter their codes and Manager Codes are no longer Dual Mode Override Codes.

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