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The Wildcat 350 Home-Office Fireproof Combination Safe

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Compact and Strong

If you are looking for a highly secure safe to store valuables that you need to access on an occasional basis, the Wildcat 350 is an ideal option. (If you need daily or intra-daily access or have multiple users you should consider the Ocelot 350.)

The Wildcat 350 is constructed of 4mm & 8mm steel with an internal 16mm layer of gypsum, this gives a full 30-minute fire protection for your valuables. Like all our safes it comes complete with a fireproof and heat resistant pouch to further protect Australian polymer banknotes.

The internal dimensions are 300mm x 410mm x 250mm and it has one adjustable internal shelf that can be positioned to suit your requirements.

The Wildcat 350 is fitted with a secure and robust Lexam 1548 combination dial lock. This lock is based on a patented design by Klaus (Nick) Gartner one of the world’s foremost security lock designers. It is ideal for single or low user situations. We fit a spy-proof dial, also designed and patented by Nick, so that your combination will be safe from prying eyes. Download the instructions here.

What's Included

* Wildcat 350 x 460 x 340 fireproof safe

* Lexam 1548 combination lock

* Heat reflecting polymer banknote pouch

* Bolt down kit (12mm masonry bolts)

* Free delivery Australia wide

Will It Fit?

Before you buy, it is important that you consider how big and heavy your new Wildcat 350 safe will be, and where you are going to install it in your home or office.

Why do we store Coke in our safes?

We use Coca Cola cans in our photos so that you can gauge exactly how big the Wildcat 350 is and whether it is big enough for your needs. The Wildcat 350 is the smallest of our quality fireproof safes with just over 29 litres of internal usable space.

It comes complete with one adjustable and removable shelf. We use a fine adjustment shelf system that allows 12mm increments so that you can set your shelf level to suit your contents to maximise space utilization.

Use the images below to determine the space that you will need for the Wildcat 350.

Wildcat safe dimensions

Important Note:

If you intend to put your Wildcat 350 in a cupboard to conceal it, you will need to allow an additional 60mm to take account of the lock and handle. So, you will need to allow a total depth of 400mm.

The Wildcat 350 weighs in at 46 Kg and has two holes in the base so you can bolt it down securely.

Click here to download a plan of the Wildcat 350.

Wildcat safe dimensions

The Wildcat 350 safe has been self-assessed to have a cash rating of $10,000 based on its construction and lock type. This is based on an “unsupported” location i.e. without additional security measures such as alarms or video monitoring. We strongly recommend that you discuss with your insurer what value they are willing to cover taking into consideration your particular circumstances.


Small Business - Home Office

Fireproof Rating

30 minutes

Lock Type

Dial combination

Lock Brand

Lexam 1548 combination dial

Cash Rating


External Dimension (mm)

350(H) x 460(W) x 340(D)

Internal Dimension (mm) 300(H) x 410(W) x 250(D)
Steel (wall-door) 4 - 8 mm
Bolts 2 x 25 mm
Color Textured black
Volume (litres) 29.66
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