Fireproof & Heat Reflective

To reduce the chance of polymer banknotes melting in a fireproof safe during a fire, they need to be stored in a pouch that protects them from exceeding the melt point of 175 degrees Celsius.

Our firepoof safes come complete with insulated polymer banknote pouches as standard.

Our insulated banknote pouches are made using a 3-layer fabric designed to withstand fire and heat.

Fireproof Pouch Fabric

Our fireproof and heat resistant cloth is made from a high-quality grade of thick, woven fibreglass that is coated on one side with a solid layer of high temperature silicone rubber. The other side with with a aluminized polymer film. This hybrid material couples good fireproofing, heat resistance and durability into one.

This heat resistant material has three maximum temperature ratings:

  • 230 degrees Celsius for the Silicone Coating.
  • 540 degrees Celsius for the Fibreglass Insulation Cloth.
  • 140 degrees Celsius for the Aluminium Foil.

All materials have good insulation properties and low thermal conductivity. The fibreglass is an excellent heat insulator that absorbs heat and the aluminium layer reflects heat.

The pouches measure 27cm x 16cm and will hold a significant value of Australian polymer banknotes.

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