Free Delivery

At Safes4less we have a "no more to pay" philosophy. That means delivery to your garage door is included in the price no matter where you live in Australia.

Our delivery drivers have the required equipment to get your new safe to your premises. If there are stairs to negotiate we can deliver to the base of the stairs, but you will need to arrange resources to get your new safe to the the final position. 

Safes4Less delivery to the door

Garage Door Delivery?

Almost all houses or businesses have vehicle access to the garage door. Most of our safes weigh in excess of 50Kg, so for the safety of our delivery drivers, they are lowered to the ground using a tailgate lift. Our driver will get as close to the garage door as practical with the van and offload your safe there. For your security and our drivers safety they are not permitted to enter your premises. Our cartons are designed with plastic insert handles and are strapped with plastic tape. We suggest you enlist the help of another trusted person to move your safe into it's final position.

Discrete Packaging

All our safes are packaged in heavy duty discrete packaging. This means that there is nothing on the outside of the carton to broadcast to the public or to anyone associated with the delivery that there is a safe contained within the carton. This is just one of the little things that we think is important to protect your security.

Authority to Leave

When you go through our check out process, there is a question. “Where would you like us to leave your safe if you are not at home”. This is a mandatory field that we ask you to complete. This acts as an “authority to leave” for our drivers. We can’t just drop your safe off at the local Post Office if you are not at home. Typically, customers request to leave the safe in the front of the garage door.