How heavy should a home safe be?

A good home/office safe should be too heavy for one man to move about easily. Smaller safes that weigh less than 90 kg should have holes so they can be attached to the floor. These bolts should go through the base and/or walls of the safe and not be accessible only from the outside.

A small safe can only weigh as little as 10 kg. These are often referred to as hotel safes or document safes.

A more fire-resistant starts from 60 kg and more, according to its size and capacity. A commercial/industrial safe can weigh from 100 kgs to almost no limit. The weight of the safe is determined by what it is made of and its capacity.

 Type Weight Typical
 Strong Boxes 7 - 20 Kg 11 Kg
 Medium Home/Office Safes 45 - 115 Kg 80 Kg
 Large Industrial/Commercial Safes 95+ Kg 160 Kg


However, the question you need to answer is how big should my new safe be?

A good place to start is to determine the capacity of the safe you need to store your valuables. If you are looking for a safe with fireproof features, you will need a bigger overall safe than a non-fireproof version. Fireproof safes have thicker walls than non-fireproof safes.

Safe capacities are measured in litres, but the best way to determine the size safe you need is by using the internal measurements. Determine the size of the largest object you think you will store. It might be a document or something like a laptop computer. Ensure that the internal measurement is enough to adequately store this item.

You will find that once you own a safe you always find or acquire more things to store in it. So, try and buy a safe that will store more than you think you need now.

The last thing to consider is how are you going to get your safe home? It is unlikely that you will get your safe delivered by Australia Post. A carrier will bring it to your door on a small skid or in a specially designed carton. The courier will bring it to your door, but more than likely will not take it into your home or office. Then, depending on the size, you can handle it yourself with a trolley or a slip sheet. If it has packing straps don’t remove as they will provide handles to help move the safe into place.

Useful information

What you need to know about buying a safe.
Choosing what size safe you need is one of the first questions you need to address before purchasing your new safe.


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